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Mitigation of Damages: Preventing Outside Fires

Our Fort McMurray fire restoration company recommends cleaning up leaves and needles in your yard, as they can act as a fuel source for a wildfire.

Our Fort McMurray fire restoration company recommends cleaning up leaves and needles in your yard, as they can act as a fuel source for a wildfire.

The good people of Fort McMurray and the surrounding area don’t need to be reminded of how damaging a wildfire can be to a community. We only need to look back to the devastation caused by the blaze in 2016. To make certain we’re all prepared for another dry summer, our Fort McMurray fire restoration company has compiled some helpful things you can do at home.

Most of what you’re about to read is simply part of being a responsible homeowner. But as with any type of preventative maintenance, vigilance is key.

Trees Near Your Home

Having trees near your home has many benefits:

  • Provides shade
  • Creates a wind break
  • Enhances landscaping and curb appeal
  • Provides habitat or birds and wildlife

However, trees are also a fuel source for burning fires. If you have branches overhanging your home or other outbuilding, all it takes is a little wind to carry a spark or ember, causing the fire to spread to that structure.

It’s a good idea to remove any branches that are touching or hanging close to your home, particularly dead branches, as they’re more susceptible to fire.

Roof and Gutters

Any organic material that collects on your roof is a potential fuel source for a spreading wildfire. This includes:

  • Leaves
  • Needles
  • Branches
  • Cones

Keep your gutters and roof clear of debris every spring and fall. Not only will this help with mitigation of damages for fire hazards, it will also ensure water if effectively channeled away from your home in heavy rains.

Leaf Piles

Keeping piles of leaves for the kids to play in can be fun in the full, but they could also provide fuel for a wildfire if you were to leave them in your yard. Plus, if you leave them in the same place for too long, they’ll kill the grass underneath.

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo landfill accepts yard waste year-round at no charge, and there is also a yard waste collection program.

Landscaping Maintenance

Do you see that swathe of tall, dry grass in your yard? That’s like a super highway for a grassfire. While it might be difficult to keep it green in summer, you can keep it trimmed short. Our property restoration company also recommends the following landscaping tips:

  • Prune excess growth and dead branches from shrubs
  • Remove lower branches from trees (ladder fuels)
  • Fuel lawnmower and other equipment away from flammable materials
  • Store fuel away from buildings and vehicles

If you do have a fire on your property, read our post: Fire Damage Restoration: 4 Steps to Take in the Aftermath of a Fire.

If you’ve experienced property damage as a result of smoke or fire, call Proserve. Our Fort McMurray fire restoration company has been serving the community for more than 40 years.