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Fire Restorations: Should You Hire a Professional or Do it Yourself?

Once the fire’s extinguished, you’ll need to start planning the restoration process. 

Once the fire’s extinguished, you’ll need to start planning the restoration process. 

A fire in the home can be emotionally devastating to homeowners, not to mention costly. In an effort to save a little money, some homeowners will go as far as doing the fire damage clean up themselves. On the other hand, some homeowners may prefer to hire a professional fire restoration company to lessen the burden.

If you’re not sure which decision is best for you and your family, have a look at some insight into fire damage and what will need to be remedied.

1. Fire Damage Restoration Comes with Health Hazards

After a fire in a home has been extinguished, smoke lingers behind in walls, ceilings, carpets, furniture, and more in the form of ash. If it’s not removed properly, it can stick around for years. The smoke residue, ash, and soot are also hazardous to your health. The remnant incombustible material left after a fire can deposit substances such as tar, plastics, and metals on your home. The largest concern are the remaining fine particles, called PM2.5. Breathing these fine particles can cause breathing problems and worsen pre-existing medical conditions.

Professional restoration companies have specialized equipment to remove residues and ensure your home is a safe place to be. Without this specialized equipment, restoring your home is nearly impossible.

2. You Can Salvage More Items than You Think

When sorting through your damaged possessions after a house fire, you may be tempted to toss anything that smells like smoke or has soot on it. While that may be the case for some items, a restoration company can actually help you evaluate what’s worth keeping. You’ll likely save more items with the help of a professional than you would if you dug through your stuff alone. For most items, soap and hot water should remove most of the soot.

3. DIY Jobs are Time Consuming

If you’re ready to pull on your gloves and get to work, you may want to take a moment to consider your options. Doing the work yourself will require a lot of time. That’s time you’ll spend away from your family or your job.

If you hire a professional, they’ll have it done in no time. Because they’ve been doing this every day, all day for years, they know the most efficient way to clean up after a fire. And if any complications come up, they can handle those smoothly too. This is one job that you might want to leave to the professionals.

4. There are Four Types of Smoke to Know

In the fire restoration business, there are four types of smoke damage that need handling and specialized clean up in their own way:

  • Wet smoke: Usually from slower burning fires, burnt plastic and rubber. Tends to smoulder, leaves a sticky and smeary residue
  • Dry smoke: From a fast burning fire, at a high temperature. Residue is left from burnt paper and wood
  • Protein smoke: Practically invisible, remnant of a material evaporating. discolours paints and leaves a pungent odor. Can also form an oily layer on walls
  • Fuel oil soot: Residue left from greasy, thick smoke as a result of incomplete burning of fuel oil. Requires time and effort to clean

Oftentimes, the different effects of these can go unnoticed by a homeowner, and that’s where a professional can step in. They’re trained to look for the different types of damage and effectively remove them.

5. Always Practice Prevention

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t be faced with the decision of hiring a professional or cleaning up after a fire on your own. To help keep your home (and your family) safe, check out our previous post for four helpful tips: 4 Fire Safety Tips for Families.

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