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5 Halloween Fire Safety Tips

Keep your goblins, witches, and dinosaurs safe by using our Halloween fire safety tips.

Keep your goblins, witches, and dinosaurs safe by using our Halloween fire safety tips.

Usually a time for spooky costumes, haunted houses, and lots of candy, Halloween also comes with its fair share of hazards. Protect your family and your home with these 5 safety tips provided by our Proserve DKI fire restoration experts, and enjoy a fun night of trick or treating.

1. Use Caution with Candles

Who doesn’t love the eerie glow of a creepily carved jack-o-lantern? However, candles left burning unattended are one of the most common causes of house fires. Prevent fire and smoke damage clean up by:

  • Igniting candles by using a long matchstick or utility lighter.
  • Keeping lit jack-o-lanterns outside away from flammable materials and other combustible items.
  • Snuffing candles as soon as trick or treaters are gone.
  • Using a battery-operated candle, glow-stick, or flashlight inside your jack-o-lantern instead.
  • Making sure all smoke alarms inside your home are working.

2. Leave the Fireworks Alone

While it’s tempting to set off fireworks on All Hallow’s Eve, it’s recommended by our Fort McMurray fire restoration professionals that you find other ways to light up the night. Fireworks that are not attended to by professional handlers or that are set off in an unsafe space can ignite trees, grass and brush, and cause the need for extensive fire restoration to your property.

3. Fan Out the Flames

Besides the fright of a ghost at your door, a poorly designed costume or prop can be a scary situation. Proserve suggests you:

  • Only use costumes and props that are flame-resistant.
  • Avoid using trailing fabrics such as sheets.
  • Keep all decorations such as corn stalks, leaves, flowers, and crepe paper away from open flames and other heat sources such as heaters and lightbulbs.

4. Clear a Path

Halloween comes as the days get shorter, and that lack of visibility can cause all kinds of night terrors. Not only should you clear your front path or lawn of small, unseen tripping hazards, you should also clear all exits and escape routes of decorations in case of an emergency. This is especially crucial if you plan to host a Halloween party or event.

5. Watch for Electrical Hazards

From cackling witches to giant inflatable spiders, electrical-powered Halloween decorations can be a fun way to entice little goblins to your door. However, they can also be hazardous and cause the need for extensive property and house fire restoration. That's why it's essential to:

  • Inspect all outdoor decorations for damage and defects before Halloween night.
  • Ensure that extension cords and plugs are not overloaded.
  • Consider a programmable timer so that all lights and decorations automatically turn off before you retire for the night.

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