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5 Proactive Ways to Avoid an Electrical Fire Clean Up

Prevent electrical fires in your home by understanding the warning signs.  

Prevent electrical fires in your home by understanding the warning signs.  

Most house fires can usually be traced back to some kind of electrical failure. Fortunately, these types of disasters can easily be avoided by understanding what to look for. To avoid the heartbreak and hassle that comes with electrical fires and the fire damage clean up, watch for these five warning signs.

1. You’re making constant trips to the circuit breaker box

One of the most common warning signs of a potential wiring problem starts with the breaker box. If the circuit breakers in your home are constantly tripping, this could mean that your wiring is consistently overloaded. It can also mean you have a short circuit somewhere in your wiring.

To protect your home and avoid a possible electrical fire and the smoke damage restoration work that comes with it, hire an electrician to investigate.

2. You smell something burning but can’t find the source

You’ve just finished up the dishes from dinner and can smell a faint burning smell. You check the oven, but it’s turned off and there’s nothing inside that could be causing the smell. If you’ve searched all over and still can’t find it, it’s time to hire a professional.

A burning smell can be caused by a short circuit. The smell is attributed to the current arcing or jumping a break, and that can lead to an electrical fire rather quickly.

3. You see discolouration around a switch or outlet

When a current arcs, it can cause little mini fires that leave a charred discolouration around electrical sources. If you see this, you need to stop using that switch or outlet and call an electrician as soon as possible.

4. Your home is older and you haven’t updated the wiring

Old homes are notorious for not being able to meet the electrical demands of today’s appliances and electronics. If you live in an old home and the wiring is still original, you should definitely consider having it updated. If the wiring is constantly overloaded, it can easily overheat and send sparks flying, leaving the homeowners to deal with the house fire clean up.

5. The lights in your home flicker constantly

Do you find that the lights in your home flicker frequently? You should investigate sooner than later. If just a single light is known to flicker, check the bulb. If after replacing it, the issue isn’t resolved, you should reach out to an electrician. Or if multiple lights flicker frequently, an electrician should be notified.

Flickering lights can mean that there are loose connections, faulty wiring, or circuit overload. These issues will need to be dealt with immediately as they can lead to electrical disasters.

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