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How to Protect your Home from the Elements in Winter

Keep your home protected from the elements this winter

Keep your home protected from the elements this winter

Just like we would never step outside in winter without donning a good pair of sturdy boots and a warm jacket, your home shouldn’t be left unprotected when the frost appears. Everything from ice, snow, wind, and even fire can wreak havoc on Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo residences. Don’t let the elements win. Start preparing your home for the colder months now and know what to look for with this helpful advice offered by our Fort McMurray water restoration company.

Fight Mr. Freeze

Freezing water, especially in pipes, can cause extensive damage to your home and property. That’s because water expands and becomes heavy when it is frozen. Make sure to check all areas inside and outside your home for possible water damage or areas of flooding and leaks, including your roof and gutters. In case of a leaky or burst water or sewer pipe, make sure to contact our water cleanup company to deal with any water or sewage damage restoration.

Watch for Wind

While water damage is one thing, another element that can affect your home in winter is wind. If you live in a wind-prone area of the Prairies, batten the hatches by adding storm windows, repair loose or damaged shingles on your roof, trim tree branches, and attend to other potential hazards.

Fan out Fires

Keeping our homes warm around the hearth is a great way to save on energy bills, but it can also be dangerous when your fireplace is not winterized. Get a professional to perform an inspection and have your chimney cleaned of soot and creosote. Make sure the airflow is working correctly and also inspect your chimney for signs of cracks or leaks.

Other Steps to Follow Outside Your Home Before Winter Arrives:

  • Make sure outside faucets are wholly drained by opening them and leaving them open
  • Remove and drain hoses from exterior faucets
  • Drain swimming pools and sprinkler systems
  • Turn off your external water supply by locating the shutoff valve inside your home
  • Remove the bleeder cap in the plumbing line leading to your outside faucets and allow the water to drain completely
  • Add insulation to exposed pipes as well as frost-free faucets or faucet covers to all outdoor plumbing
  • Clear debris such as leaves from your gutters and make sure water is properly draining away from your home

Beat the Freeze Inside Your Home By:

  • Adding insulation to attics, basements, crawl spaces, and other areas where heat may fluctuate
  • Keeping your home well ventilated and evenly heated
  • Inspecting and replacing your furnace filter
  • Using space heaters in areas susceptible to colder temperatures
  • Sealing all windows and doors
  • Checking all faucets in your home to make sure water pressure is operating properly
  • Letting cold water drip if an exposed pipe serves your faucet
  • Keeping the temperature turned on when leaving your home for an extended period

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Proserve DKI offers a complete suite of restoration services to help you and your home beat the cold of an Albertan winter. This includes flood and water cleanup, sewage cleanup, mould restoration as well as damage caused by wind, smoke, or fire. Contact us at 1-780-791-3663 for complete disaster relief available 24/7, 365 days a year.