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Your 2020 Home Checklist: Monthly, Seasonal and Annual Tasks to Schedule

Our property restoration company wishes you a safe and happy new year with these monthly, seasonal, and annual home maintenance tips.

Our property restoration company wishes you a safe and happy new year with these monthly, seasonal, and annual home maintenance tips.

It’s a new dawn, as Fort Mac-Wood Buffalo residents get ready to ring in 2020. With flood mitigation projects for the city on the horizon (thanks to the Alberta government announcing funds for a new flood berm on Prairie Loop Boulevard), work still needs to be done. Our property restoration company is here to help with water, fire, sewer, wind damage, and flood restoration in Fort McMurray. Use this home maintenance checklist to make sure your home is in safe from disaster throughout the year by scheduling these tasks monthly, quarterly, and annually:


Change HVAC filters

It's essential to change your air and furnace filter at least every 90 days to prevent dirt and dust buildup. Not only are clogged filters a fire hazard, but they can also reduce airflow, allowing contaminants to enter your home's ductwork and atmosphere. They can also lead to higher electricity bills, as your HVAC system will need to work harder.

Inspect fire extinguisher

Fire cleanup companies such as Proserve DKI recommend your inspect your fire extinguisher at least once a month. Make sure that it is in an accessible location, has adequate pressure, and that it is not showing any signs of damage.

Change range hood filter

A clean range hood filter is the best way to mitigate smoke and moisture from permeating your kitchen. Use a degreaser, found in auto part and hardware stores, to clean your filter and make sure to position your screen correctly when replacing it.


Test carbon monoxide and smoke alarms

Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working correctly by pushing the test button to set off the alarm. If it does not go off, replace the batteries, and test again. If it still doesn't work, check the battery terminal for corrosion. If it is still not going off, it may be time to replace your alarm.

Check outdoor pipes

Prevent your basement from flooding by checking your outdoor plumbing. Inspect pipes, hoses, and faucets for any signs of damage. Use caulking or replace hoses if needed, and contact water damage cleanup companies such as Proserve DKI if you notice any large puddles in your crawl space or basement.

Clean out gutters and drainage systems

Clear out leaves and debris from your gutters and drainage areas after every season to prevent clogging and flooding.

Inspect your roof

While you’re up the latter, inspect your roof to manage wind damage restoration after every season. Look for any loose or missing shingles, dents, holes, and other damage caused by rain, snow, or ice.

Look for mould damage

Mould grows where there is moisture, so it's important to check windows, showers, crawl spaces, attics, and anywhere where dampness lurks. If you suspect toxic mould, contact a restoration company to clean up mould in your house professionally.


Inspect your septic system components

While you likely won’t need your septic system pumped every year (three years is the recommended time), it's crucial to inspect the mechanical parts of your system on an annual basis. If using an alternate system, make sure to check the electrical float switch and pump. Check to see that everything is draining properly to your septic field. In case of a leak, contact a restoration company for septic or sewer damage cleanup.

Get your chimney cleaned

A buildup of creosote and ash in your chimney can lead to devastating smoke and fire damage. Have your chimney professionally cleaned every year before you light your fireplace.

Clear your dryer exhaust vent

Inspect the exhaust vent behind your dryer annually to prevent fires, and exhaust from entering your home. Inspect the vent for blockages and vacuum all dust and lint from the hose.

For more prevention tips, read Property Restoration: Start the New Year Right by Avoiding Home Diasters.

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