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How Can You Protect your Home from Wind Damage

Make a property restoration checklist to prevent wind damage and falling trees from destroying your home and yard.

Make a property restoration checklist to prevent wind damage and falling trees from destroying your home and yard.

As Fort Mac, and Wood Buffalo residents know all too well, the wind can come from out of nowhere. This is often due to low pressure systems that move across BC into Alberta. When that system meets the Polar jet stream coming from the north, the result can be heavy winds accompanied by rain, hail, and snow. All this wild weather can lead to extensive property damage and the need for property damage restoration.

Most high winds in Fort Mac take place in March and April, however, it’s important to be prepared at any time of year.

Make a Maintenance Checklist

Prevent damage from wind storms and the need for extensive wind and flood clean up by regularly checking your property for potential hazards. Make a yard and building maintenance checklist of things that may need to be fixed or replaced.

Areas to inspect and maintain include your:


  • Inspect, replace and repair any loose and missing shingles
  • Check for cracks or damage around chimneys, skylights, vents
  • Look for and repair any sagging or broken soffit or fascia
  • Unclog and repair loose eavestroughs, gutters


  • Look for rot and damage to tree trunks and branches
  • Make sure your trees are regularly pruned and trimmed
  • Get an arborist to remove any dead or unstable trees
  • Remove dead branches from the ground


  • Move, tie down or stabilize loose items such as propane tanks, patio furniture and umbrellas, toys, pots and planters, sports and playground equipment and garden implements
  • Check that fences are stable
  • Ensure that your garden shed is properly secured
  • Attend to wind and flood damage restoration by making sure that water is drained away from your home

Home exterior and interior

  • Ensure that window panes have no cracks and that windows and doors are properly sealed
  • Make sure windows and doors lock properly
  • Remove loose screens from windows
  • Consider installing storm shutters
  • Inspect home for loose or cracked siding

Garage door

  • Check the windload of your garage door to make sure it can withstand heavy winds
  • Install a bracing kit to help protect your door and items within your garage

What to Do After a Wind Storm

  1. Stay safe by not going near any downed power lines or flooded areas.
  2. Assess the damage and take photos if possible.
  3. Contact your home insurance provider.
  4. Call a property restoration company such as Proserve DKI for assessment, wind clean up and repairs, and any necessary demolition.
  5. Get your restoration company to attend to water or sewer damage clean up caused by storms.

Proserve DKI Cleaning and Restoration Services offers 24-7, 365-day emergency disaster relief from wind storms, floods, fire, sewer backups, and more. Minimize the damage by calling our trusted Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo property damage restoration experts at 1-780-791-3663.