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8 Property Restoration Tips to Protect Your Home in Winter

Protect your home in winter with our property restoration tips.

Protect your home in winter with our property restoration tips.

Sorry to be the harbinger of bad news; winter is on its way. Are you worried about frozen pipes, ice dams, fire hazards, and mould growth? Never fear. Proserve DKI is here to help you with all your property restoration needs. Use these eight tips to prepare your home from the onslaught of minus double-digit weather, and stay warm and dry this winter.

Service your home’s heating system

The best way to manage the mitigation of damages from heat loss is to ensure your home’s heating system works correctly. Have it your furnace inspected by a professional and replace the air filter before the temperature starts to drop.

Prevent frozen pipes

Ensure your pipes are not leaking and that they are adequately insulated. Disconnect your garden hoses outside your home and replace outdoor faucets with frost-proof models. Make sure the heat inside your home is always consistent.

Clean gutters and remove debris

Avoid icicles from forming by making sure your gutters are cleared of leaves and debris so that water can flow freely and does not build up and freeze.

Invest in snow removal and power back-up

Ensure you have the right equipment on hand to mitigate damages from heavy snow days and power outages. A gas-powered snowblower and back-up generator will be your best friends when the weather turns wicked.

Seal cracks and wall openings

Check the caulking around your windows and doors and replace areas that have peeled away. Seal wall cavities in your roof and crawlspace with thermal insulation such as spray foam (SPF) to ensure that heat does not escape.

Clean out your chimney

Chimney fires are one of the biggest causes of smoke and fire damage in the winter. Prevent creosote buildup and sudden sparks by having your chimney professionally cleaned before you light your fireplace.

Check your attic

Prevent ice dams and heat loss by making sure your attic is adequately insulated and vented. If you encounter moisture damage or mould, make sure to hire a professional mould restoration company such as Proserve DKI to handle any mould cleanup.

Maintain smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

As we tend to keep windows closed in winter and use more heating appliances, it is essential to test your smoke and CO detectors to ensure they are working correctly.

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If winter is weakening havoc on your home or business, contact Proserve DKI at 1-780-791-3663 for 24/7, 365-day emergency disaster relief. We serve Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo with safe and effective fire, flood, sewer, wind, and water damage restoration, along with mould and asbestos biohazard clean up and more.