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New Year Tasks: How to Stay on Top of Things in 2021

Keep your home and family safe this new year by mitigating the damages to your property now and in the future.

Keep your home and family safe this new year by mitigating the damages to your property now and in the future.

It’s been a year that will go down in the record books as one of uncertainty. Instead of looking back on the things we can’t control, our Proserve DKI property restoration team is looking ahead at some of the simple ways you can manage the mitigation of damages to your property in the months ahead. Start 2021 on the right foot by preparing your home and property now versus later so that you can live disaster-free.

Always Think about Fire Safety

While house fires tend to happen more in the winter months due to electrical malfunctions and heating and fireplace mishaps, property damage restoration from fires can occur at any time of year, as Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo residents know all too well. Implement these fire preventative measures now to ensure your property is better protected all year long:

  • Clear your fireplace and chimney of debris and creosote buildup
  • Have your HVAC system regularly maintained and get your ducts cleaned
  • Inspect your electrical cords and wiring and discard anything that is frayed or damaged
  • If you smell gas, have it checked immediately
  • Maintain and inspect your fire extinguishers at least once a month
  • Clear debris such as leaves and branches from around your property
  • Dispose of any flammable or combustible materials in a safe area away from your home
  • Keep your emergency exits unobstructed
  • Have an emergency plan in place

Don’t Let Water Damage Seep

Water may be necessary for life, but it can make a whole lot of mess if it’s left to seep into your home. Even that little leak in your pipes or the moisture on your windows, or icicles up on your roof can lead to something more serious such as flooding and mould growth. Follow these steps regularly to ensure your home is protected from water and sewer damage.

  • Look for leaks underneath and around your sinks, dishwasher, washer and dryer, toilets, hot water tank, and faucets
  • Prevent your pipes from freezing by keeping temperatures inside your home consistent
  • Make sure your attic is adequately insulated
  • Check your roof for ice dams noticeable by warm spots on your roof and icicle formations
  • Clear your gutters of debris
  • Inspect your home for any signs of mould growth
  • Ensure all your sump pumps are working properly
  • Look for cracks or entryways in your foundation

Know When to Call a Property Restoration Company

While prevention is the best way to mitigate the damages from fire and water damage, there may be times when you will need to call property damage restoration professionals to handle things before they become worse.

Wood Buffalo and Fort McMurray property owners should contact Proserve DKI when they experience:

  • Extensive water damage and/or flooding
  • Fire or smoke damage
  • Sewer leaks
  • Wind damage
  • Mould growth or biohazards such as asbestos

For information, read What Exactly Makes Mould Harmful.

Proserve DKI is the property restoration company Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo residents rely on for extensive property restoration and cleanup. Contact us at any time, day or night, 365 days a year for emergency disaster relief.