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How to Keep Ice Under Control

Attend to water damage restoration outside your home by preventing ice dams, icicles, and clogged downspouts on your roof.

Attend to water damage restoration outside your home by preventing ice dams, icicles, and clogged downspouts on your roof.

You may like it in your favourite cocktail, but ice isn’t always nice when it comes to your house and place of business. When water freezes, it can cause severe property damage due to leaks from ice dams on your roof, flooding from frozen pipes, and even sewage backup. Learn how you can prevent ice from building up, and contact Proserve DKI for water damage restoration services if ice isn’t being nice to you.

Why is Ice Dangerous?

Besides being slippery to drive and walk on, ice build-up, due to heavy condensation and temperature fluctuations, can cause the need for extensive water damage cleanup and restoration.

One of the worst threats to your home’s structural integrity is ice dams. Noticeable when ice forms along the edge of your roof, ice dams prevent melting snow from draining properly. When the water backs up behind the dam, it can leak through your roof, causing damage to ceilings, walls, insulation, and more.

Why It’s As Important to Prevent Ice Inside as it is Outside

While slippery walkways and driveways and falling icicles are hazardous outside your home or building, ice is also dangerous inside. During cold snaps, water inside your pipes and plumbing can freeze, expand, and burst, leading to extensive water damage and sewage cleanup. Cold temperatures can also cause ice-build up on interior windows and door frames. When left unchecked, ice can cause mould growth and structural damage.

What are some Property Restoration Tips to Prevent Ice From Building Up Inside and Outside a Building?

When the temperature drops outside, keep ice under control inside by:

  • Making sure the interior temperature is at 65-70 degrees Celcius, even when you are away.
  • Opening faucets and letting them drip
  • Applying weather stripping to windows and doors
  • Knowing where the main water shut off to your building is located in case of a flood
  • Making sure there is adequate (high R-value) insulation in your attic, basement/crawlspace, and walls
  • Keeping your home or building well ventilated

Keep ice under control outside by:

  • Preventing ice dams and icicles from forming on your roof by clearing gutters and downspouts of excess water and debris before the temperature drops
  • Clearing snow and ice from sidewalks, walkways, and driveways
  • Removing dead or damaged tree branches
  • Insulating outdoor pipes/faucets
  • Shovelling snow around water drains

Read Mitigation of Damages: 6 Ways to Protect Your Home from Ice Build Up for more information.

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