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How to Reduce Fire Danger in Your Home

From lightning to cigarette butts, we all know the hazards that can spark forest fires. But what about the dangers that lurk inside our homes? Our Fort McMurray fire restoration team has seen it all when it comes to house fires and believes the mitigation of damages from fires starts with knowledge. That’s why we offer these tips to reduce fire dangers in your home. After all, as Benjamin Franklin once famously said: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Contain the Clutter

Piles of paper, loads of linens, a basement full of flammable liquids — all that clutter has the potential to fuel a fire and block an escape route. Limit the danger by getting rid of all clutter around doors, windows, and heating sources.

Watch for Surprise Fuel Sources

Fire hazards within a home come in many forms, some of which can be deceptive. Luckily, the items that fuel fires can be recycled, donated, or put away in a safe off-site storage facility. They include:

  • Unused appliances
  • Stacks of newspapers, magazines, and books
  • Expired paint
  • Clothing and fabrics
  • Personal papers and documents
  • Electrical or gas-powered equipment
  • Anything in boxes

Douse All Flames

Candles, fireplaces, gas ovens, cigarettes - anything that we light up has the potential to cause a fire. That’s why it’s imperative never to leave a flame unattended. If you have to leave a room, blow out all candles, turn off all gas appliances, and completely butt out cigarettes in an ashtray. Make sure all creosote is cleared from your chimney before you light a fire.

Beware of Space Heaters

Space heaters are one of the leading causes of fire and smoke damage restoration. When using a space heater:

  • Never leave it unattended.
  • Do not place it within one metre of any fuel source or combustible material.
  • Plug it directly into the wall outlet instead of an extension.

Pay Attention to Electric Devices

Electric appliances and electronics have the potential to overheat or spark. Prevent electrical fires by unplugging all devices if you plan to be away from your home for an extension of time. Keep an eye on any damage to plugs, wires, and extension cords, and look for signs of overheating.

Clean your Dryer and Stove

Appliances such as dryers, stoves, and ovens have the potential to catch fire if not cleaned regularly. Make sure to remove the lint from your dryer after every use and always wipe down ceramic, induction, and coil stovetops. To prevent the need for fire damage restoration, make sure to clean inside your oven every three months and regularly inspect your oven’s elements and wiring for any signs of damage.

Invest in a Smoke Detector

The best way to protect your family from fire danger is to make sure your smoke detectors are in good working order. Test your alarms at least once a month and replace the batteries at least every 6-12 months. A smoke detector typically needs to be replaced every ten years.

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