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An Emergency Preparedness Guide

You should be prepared to take care of yourself and your family for a minimum of 72 hours.

You should be prepared to take care of yourself and your family for a minimum of 72 hours.

The wildfire danger in the Fort McMurray area is low. Unfortunately, there are currently eight active wildfires in the Fort McMurray Forest Area. And, depending on your area, emergency services may take some time to get to your community to extingish all danger. This can cause smoke damage or the need for a fire restoration company. Should an emergency arise, it is vital to be prepared with the appropriate supplies and get yourself and your family to safety.

Proserve DKI can help in the aftermath with property damage restoration, we can also aid in the preparedness. We have created an Emergency Guide to get you started with the right steps and supplies.

Know The Dangers

Across Canada, several disasters can happen although the consequences may be similar, it is vital to understand your region. Aside from natural disasters such as blizzards, earthquakes, hail storms, or tornadoes. There are domestic hazards that can affect our safety. There are occurrences such as power outages, industrial, or traffic accidents that can also affect your safety. Visit for a full listing of hazards, along with safety plan templates to use in your home! In the event of a disaster, contact a property restoration company in your area to rebuild your home with expert care.

Create A Safety Plan

Each household in Alberta should create a safety plan to help your family know what to do in an emergency. These documents should be kept in a safe place that is easily accessible. Copies of this safety protocol should be kept in your car, home, office, and mobile phone.

Your safety plan should include:

  • A safe meeting place for your family.
  • Evacuation routes leaving your neighbourhood.
  • A list of your child’s daycare locations.
  • Determine who will be the designated person for your children.
  • Identify pet-friendly hotels or accommodations.
  • Make a list of all special medications and requirements.
  • Grab and go bag location.
  • An emergency phone number list.

Build An Emergency Kit

There are some basic supplies that you will need regardless of the emergency. When building your emergency kit, remember that you may be stranded for up to 72 hours. You will need water, food, and items to keep you warm. On top of that, you will need to make sure that the kit is easy to carry, easily accessible, and that each responsible member of your family knows how to use the equipment inside.

There are several types of emergency kits you can make:

  • Basic Emergency Kit
  • Pre-Packaged Kits that can be purchased from the Red Cross
  • Emergency Vehicle Kit

Look online for several resources available through the Canadian government or Provincial government websites. If you have experienced property damage from smoke damage or need fire restoration, contact our restoration specialists to help you get back to normal.

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We are here to assist you in your time of need with any disaster that comes your way. Contact Proserve DKI in Fort McMurray.