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When You Shouldn’t Do-It-Yourself With Property Restoration

Property restoration professionals have the tools and expertise to see dangers that may seem invisible.

Property restoration professionals have the tools and expertise to see dangers that may seem invisible.

Many Albertans experience burst pipes, damage caused by strong winds and hail, while frost can cause septic issues in the autumn. Coming home to a disaster is always stressful. The need to clean the mess becomes urgent. While cleaning the mess until help arrives can prevent more damage, you should leave the restoration to the experts!

When To Call In The Experts

After any disaster in your home or workplace, we recommend that you call in professionals to assess the damage. Trained restoration experts have the tools to determine if the drywall is compromised, where mould will start to grow, and what hazards are present.

After you have your building thoroughly inspected, you can make an educated decision on what you can handle doing yourself. Speak with your insurance company to see what can be covered to help alleviate the costs. Your local restoration company will be able to walk you through how much coverage you have, what work needs to be done, and quote the time it will take to finish the job.

Types Of Damage Restoration

Many health risks are associated with an emergency, so professionally trained specialists bring personal protective equipment to every job site. The proper safety equipment will keep the technicians protected from any health hazards. It may be tempting to paint over the damage or wash it away with soap, but that will not protect your family from mold spores or structural damage.

  • Biohazard Restoration
  • Following existing provincial legislation, a certified property restoration company will contain the affected area and safely remove spores or asbestos.

  • Water damage
  • Water restoration crews will mitigate damage by performing an emergency clean-up and drying the area with industrial dryers and dehumidifiers.

  • Smoke damage
  • Smoke damage restoration involves using industry-standard bio-safe cleaners, thermal fogging, then smoke and residue odours are removed.

  • Sewage
  • Sewage restoration cleanup and extractions are done with a truck-mounted vacuum system to remove the worst back-ups. A bio-wash and disinfect is used before setting up appropriate drying equipment.

  • Fire hazards
  • This needs to be handled with the utmost care due to structural damage. Safety comes first when removing debris, and contents from the building will vary depending on the fire damage.

    The Right Questions To Ask

    Many factors should be considered before hiring a restoration company. Now that we have discussed why you need to hire a professional, it is important to hire the right person for the job!

    Identifying Certified Professionals

    Disaster mitigation and restoration requires certain training requirements, licensing, and professional certifications. Search through the Better Business Bureau directory to find an accredited list of companies. You should ask the company if they are trained in any specific types of damage clean-up.

    Response Time

    A disaster can happen at any time of the day and it is important to understand if a restoration company is available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. These professionals are first responders to your crisis and knowing that they have your back during your time of need is very reassuring.

    Insurance Providers

    Keep yourself protected from future issues by making sure that the company you hire is insured and has a good reputation with insurance companies. Working with contractors that are not reputable could leave you high and dry with unfinished work, high costs, or being sued.

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