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The After Effects of Fire Damage

Smoke damage can cause irreversible damage to your home and your body. Get the help you need from restoration experts.

Smoke damage can cause irreversible damage to your home and your body. Get the help you need from restoration experts.

The smoke may have cleared from the air; but, the damage is lingering inside cracks and behind the drywall. Call in the restoration experts - they will be able to detect signs of smoke damage and help restore your home. It may not appear immediately after a fire; so, it is imperative to mitigate as much fire and smoke damage as possible. Learn about the various types of damage, their effects on our health and homes, and how restoration companies can help you in your time of need.

Types of Smoke Damage

Wet smoke occurs with long and slow-burning fires. It creates a thick, sticky residue on every surface. It is hard to restore and clean because it tends to smear and adhere to any surface it clings to.

Dry smoke is the result of a high-temperature and fast-burning fire. This dry soot is very easy to clean off flat, smooth surfaces. However, the dry soot will fall easily into ridges, cracks, and grooves; moreover, it will continue to release a foul odour until the soot can be flushed out.

Petroleum smoke is caused by burning oil-based products. It is very dark and will stain all surfaces it contacts - including upholstery and flooring.

Protein smoke is a by-product of burning food or compostable material. This soot is very light and difficult to see; however, it will stain furniture if left too long. The odour caused by protein smoke damage is unlike any other - bringing attention to the importance of hiring professionals.

Damages Caused By Soot

Health Risks

Residual soot hides in nooks and crannies throughout a house that has succumb to fire damage can cause many health risks. Those affected with asthma will find their lungs aggravated. The soot and mold released into the air linger with harmful toxins like - carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Children and adults with asthma are at risk for permanent lung damage.

Smoke damage may cause chronic bronchitis, which is the inflammation of the bronchial tubes - lasting up to months or even years. The soot can keep your lungs compromised by creating excess mucus and damaging the tissues. Often, chronic bronchitis leads to emphysema; additionally, combining the two diseases could create Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Lung diseases are life-threatening and stress the point - hire restoration experts to clean up and avoid possible health implications.

Soot particulates can cause skin and eye irritation. Particles that land in your eyes and on your skin cause itchiness and burning sensations. When entering a home with smoke damage - wear safety glasses; especially, if you are attempting to remove the smoke damage.

Home Damages

There could be longer-term damage if professional technicians are not there to inspect your home for smoke damage. When soot is resting on metal for extended periods, it will succumb to corrosion. Soot is highly acidic and can break down pipes, doorknobs, and kitchen appliances. A quick solution is to clean metal surfaces with oil; however, this will only provide you time to call in your local restoration company.

Without fumigation, the smoke particles will bond to fabric, upholstery, and furniture. The scent of smoke will linger until the soot particulates are removed from all of these softer surfaces. In most cases, hiring a restoration company that specializes in smoke damage will offer odour removal.

The Restoration Solution

The writing is on the walls; calling fire damage restoration professionals is the right thing to do. In most cases, the effects of smoke damage after a fire have spread throughout the house. Cleaning the soot will cause particulates to go into the air; if untrained, this can cause health issues and structural damage. If you don’t know what to do after a disaster, contact a restoration company.

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