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How To Prepare Your Property For Wind Storms

Weather statistics show that Fall months in Fort McMurray are the windier months, with wind speeds averaging between 19 km/hr to 28 km/hr - sometimes reaching upwards to 41km/hr. How can we mitigate wind damage from fallen trees, fallen electrical wires, or broken windows? By fortifying your home in preparation for wind and hail storms that are recurring in Northern Alberta, you will mitigate the damage caused.

Focus On Your Roof

First things first, your roof will be affected the most by any storm. Strong winds will blow shingles away, rip through sheet metal, and even tear eavestroughs away from the house. Ultimately, this will entertain other elements to enter your home - like water. While we can’t predict every disaster, you can mitigate damage to your roof by inspecting it regularly, securing loose shingles, and anchoring down the roof framing.

Reinforce Your Doors

Let’s face it, garage doors were not built to keep out the Trojans, but if you reinforce the integrity of your doors - you will give them a fighting chance. Use girts to reinforce the garage door and strengthen the wheel tracks by maintaining the wheel tracks yearly. Additionally, double-entry doors are at risk of blowing wide open during a windstorm. Adding slide bolts, heavy-duty deadbolts, and installing longer hinge attachments to the door frame will give the doors the strength they need to hold up against strong winds.

Cover Windows And Glass Doors

These are the weakest points of entry in any home. However, by installing storm shutters, you will help protect your home's eyes from windborne debris. Call your local glass installer and discuss shatter-resistant coating or high-impact glass to help defend against the storm raging outside.

Anchor Fuel Tanks

As a farming community, fuel tanks are a must-have addition to your property, but that can cause issues when it comes to wind storms. The best thing to do is to anchor down tanks to the ground to mitigate wind damage to your land and the headache of cleaning up fuel in your yard. Check out anchor kits from Calgary here.

Prepare An Emergency Kit

Create a fool-proof plan to direct you in an emergency. It will help you get out safely and not forget essential medications or documentation that you may need while waiting to return home when it is safe. It should have a first-aid kit, a list of people living in your household, a muster point, and emergency phone numbers. Read our Emergency Preparedness Guide to get you started.

The Calm After The Storm

The wind has died down, and you can take a look around - thank goodness there were preventative measures taken before the wind came. But, you notice there is still damage done to your shed, fence, or home. So what should you do now?

  1. Call the power or gas company if you notice downed power lines or smell gas to get expert help.
  2. Make an inventory of all the damaged items to provide to your insurance company.
  3. Then call your local restoration company to help restore your home to its original state - if not better!

At Proserve DKI, we have been serving the Fort McMurray community since 1976. We have a great understanding of what our community needs and what to expect out of the Northern Alberta weather patterns. Don’t leave your property restoration to anyone; call a company you can trust.

Proserve is based in Fort McMurray, but we serve clients throughout the Wood Buffalo region. Contact us 24/7 to help you in your time of need.