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The Effects Winter Has On Your Home

Winter can play a significant role in damages done to your house. 

Winter can play a significant role in damages done to your house. 

Just as people are sensitive to changing weather, so are houses. Although the jump from summer to fall may not impact your home, other than having to rake up the leaves, the transition from fall weather to winter's (often) extreme temperatures can make your home vulnerable to damage. Some of the potential risks range from water damage, mold accumulation, and even rodents coming inside.

Exterior Damage

The harsh winters can have a catastrophic effect on the exterior of your home, including possible power outages. If you have trees in your yard, keep an eye out for the branches freezing. Once branches freeze, they become susceptible to breaking, which can cause them to fall on the house or power lines.

In addition to yard hazards, the condensation levels, combined with freezing temperatures, can damage the roof and require shingles to be replaced or cause leaks, which will lead to the need for bringing in a water cleanup company.

The Risk of Flooding

Winter weather doesn't just impact the exterior of a home. Many of the significant issues that require property damage restoration result from interior concerns.

The biggest and one of the most expensive damages caused by winter is flooding. Flooding can happen due to a pipe bursting which usually occurs when interior pipes run on the exterior walls of a house, making them vulnerable to freezing, ultimately heightening the risk of breaking. When the temperatures drop below zero for an extended period of time, the ground will freeze - causing it to expand - leading to the possibility of your foundation cracking. When the foundation cracks and there has been a lot of snow, once the warmer temperatures return, the melting snow can seep through the cracks, again causing flooding, which will be an added cost of using a flood cleanup company. Not to mention, with a cracking foundation, the entire house can shift, resulting in cracks forming throughout the whole house.


Your house may seem less humid throughout the winter months than the summer because of your furnace drying out the air. However, moisture finds its way in and can bring in serious issues that you might not be able to see. With temperatures rising and dropping, the frame of your house will expand, which can bring on cracks around windows. Not only do the cracks around windows create drafts, but moisture also comes in, and combined with the warm interior temperature, mold starts to grow. Breathing in mold can lead to significant concerns, so if you suspect mold in your home, call a mold restoration company immediately.

Exterior door frames are particularly exposed to the harshness of winter and the moisture it brings. If the damp weather from outside festers on door frames, rot will start to form, and if not repaired, it can affect the structural integrity of the entrance.

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