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Holiday Preparations to Prevent Fires

Live trees can catch on fire in seconds. Be aware of potential fire hazards.

Live trees can catch on fire in seconds. Be aware of potential fire hazards.

Having a house fire is a tragic experience, and unfortunately, it can happen out of nowhere. Taking everyday steps to mitigate this from happening is extremely important. The holiday season is one of the best times of the year for many reasons but with the busyness of the season, take extra precautions around fire prevention.

Decoration Preparations

Most holiday season celebrators look forward to setting up their trees and other festive decorations. Hang tight though, before you get going, here are a few things to consider so you can avoid having a fire restoration company visit during the holidays. If you use a real Christmas tree, make sure you water it constantly, ensuring the base is always wet. A dry tree is that much more susceptible to catching on fire. Remember to set your tree up away from fireplaces, candles, and heaters.

Christmas lights on your tree and outdoor decorations add to the holiday cheer. Before stringing them, thoroughly inspect the cords. You want to look for any damage such as frays or smashed lights where the electrical is exposed. Speaking of electrical, never overload a circuit.

If you are one of the lucky ones who has a natural wood-burning fireplace, avoid hanging your stockings on the mantel as it runs the risk of catching fire. Many wrapping papers use chemicals during the design process, so don't burn them as they can be highly combustible. By taking these extra precautions when it comes to decorating, you can avoid having to call a property damage restoration company over the holidays.

Holiday Gatherings

With the holidays comes lots of cooking and probably a little bit of craziness. When entertaining guests, be mindful of what's happening in your kitchen and do your best not to leave the stove unattended. Candles create a beautiful ambiance on wintery nights, and they're a great addition to any home. Keep track of how many you light, making it easy to verify they are all blown out each night or before leaving your house. While you're blowing out those candles, be sure to unplug any lights. Even a small house fire can lead to unnecessary smoke cleanup.

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