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Winter Maintenance to Avoid Property Damage Restoration

Clean your gutters to allow for melting snow to flow freely. 

Clean your gutters to allow for melting snow to flow freely. 

Along with the beautiful snowfalls that create a winter wonderland comes cold weather patterns that can take a toll on your home. The last thing anyone wants is to call a property damage restoration company in the winter. Before the dead of winter sets in, there are a few maintenance items to check off to keep your home protected.

Exterior Checklist

The frigid temperatures aren't only a risk to the interior of your home; there are sections on the outside of your house and the surrounding areas that can cause some issues for you. The mitigation of damages is the first step in avoiding significant repairs.

Start with checking your roof for any potential leaks. These leaks could come from missing roof shingles or loose ones. Whatever the issue is, you will want to fix it before the snow comes as water could leak through, requiring a water cleanup crew to come in.

Be sure to assess the trees around your house for any dead limbs. As the cold hits them, they can quickly freeze and then snap, resulting in extensive property restoration. Also, check your gutters and ensure they are clear of any debris. Removing excessive leaves and other build-up allows for melted snow to flow easier.

Lastly, have a chimney sweep done if you use a fireplace or wood-burning stove as a heat source. Over time build-up can happen, which increases the risk of fire damage exponentially.

Interior Checklist

After dealing with the exterior of your home, there are some things to focus on the inside. Any pipes that are near windows and doors should be well insulated. If they aren't, you will want to take care of that. When pipes freeze, water expands, leading to bursting pipes and extensive water cleanup. Next, verify that all your windows and doors are tightly sealed to avoid leaks.

Your family's safety is of the greatest concern. Check that all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working and have spare batteries on hand should you need to replace any.

There is always the risk of severe storms that can cause power outages during the winter months. Have a survival kit prepared in the event this happens. Your kit should include candles, flashlights, food, blankets, and any other items to keep you safe until the power is restored.

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